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Hwy 4 Dec 17 and 18

posted Jan 5, 2011, 10:27 PM by Kathy Kohberger
12/18 Saturday, Hwy 4 route Started late morning and talked with several friendly folk in the snowpark. Sleet was falling, but turned to snow in the afternoon. A luscious snow day since a over a foot had fallen during the night and was still clinging to the trees. Snowmobiles had broken trail along the road. We looped across the bridge and around the campground. Talked with several happy and excited snowshoers, snowmobilers and skiers.
12/17 Friday, Hwy 4 route Am No one in the snow park, and the trail unbroken. Sleet was falling. Went past the campground at the end of the lake, found snowmobile tracks in and out to the boatramp on the way back. Chatted with a sledding family on the way out.