Patroller Picks and Tips

Hasty Lunch Shelter

The classing ski-touring way to stop for lunch is to take off your skis, turn 'em upside down, and stomp a knee-deep hole in the snow just to their side.  Then lay a pad (or backpack) on your overturned skis and sit on that, with your feet in the hole.  In the wind, we like to improve on this by draping the corners of a tarp (5x8' seems cozy but acceptable for two people; buy from, e.g. Integral Designs, or buy some sil-nylon and make your own!) over the tips of skis which have been jammed into the snow tail-first, then either just sit on the side between the other two corners, or else sink those corners into the snow w/ a pair of poles.

Some Favorite Easy Meals

Of course lots of businesses will give you things to put in your belly in exchange for money.  Below are a few ways we've found to satisfy our hunger w/o throwing money at corporate culture.
  • Lunch/ snack - Nutella burrito: You guessed it.  Slather nutella on a tortilla shell and roll it up.  Store up to ten in the tortilla bag, or cut in half and store in a Zip-Loc.  Have been known to store for over a week.
  • Snack - Wild rice crackers - sold in the bulk section of many natural food stores, these satisfy one's exercise-induced craving for salt and oil w/o breaking the bank or involving too much packaging.
  • Lunch - Cheese/ hotsauce burrito: can be made in advance, but can get soggy.  Ted keeps enough hotsauce in a 2oz. Nalgene.  Mark prefers to hi-grade to Frontera Grill Salsa - yum.
  • Dinner - lentil-coucous: lentil couscous.  Mark likes to keep a mix of 4C couscous, 4C lentil mix (available in many bulk departments), 1T salt, 3T curry powder, and lots of pepper stored in his pantry.  Then for a trip he measures out .5-.75C per person per meal.  He then cooks it up w/ ~.25C olive oil and "enough" water for a cheap, nutritious, high-calorie, and very low cook-time dinner.
  • Mark keeps other backcountry recipes (especially easy, hi-calorie, altitude-friendly, low-cook ones) at his Denali website.


Let us know what you'd like to see here.  Or include some ideas of your own!